The Faces of Diabetes: Meet LaKaylee

Misconceptions about Type 1 Diabetes persist in our culture. We are surrounded by cancer fundraisers, heart disease events, and we all know someone who’s been touched by those diseases. Friends, Type 1 Diabetes has no cure. It can’t even be prevented or treated in the manner of cancer and heart disease. Type 1 Diabetes is a constant battle with your own body to stay alive.

I understand that T1D doesn’t receive much media love. You may never even meet a Diabetic. You might think Diabetes is just a weight related problem. You might not even know there are two types of Diabetes. Type 1 is why we are all here and putting in the work.

Type 1 Diabetes needs faces and personal stories. It seems people don’t respond to stats. That’s why we seek Type 1 Diabetics that are willing to share their story. I’m happy to say we have an empowering story of bravery to share today.

It’s time to meet someone on a mission. This is a young woman who smiles in the face of her challenge. I can’t help but feel inspired by her own journey.

Meet LaKaylee:

LaKaylee OrdnerAt the age of seven in 2005, I began to notice my body having some changes occur.

I was constantly thirsty, and had to use the restroom constantly. I remember not being able to control it. I would become so upset with myself, because I could not figure out what was going on with my body. Eventually after waking up in the night having walked downstairs for water several times, using the restroom, and losing a lot of weight for a seven year old my parents took me to the Hospital in September of 2005. In that month I was diagnosed a Type 1 Diabetic, and that’s when the struggle began.

The first year as a Type 1 Diabetic my mother home schooled me. Therefore, she could take care of me and I could understand my disease. There was nobody in the school that had my condition. An entire year I lived on shots and insulin, I remember crying a lot as a young child asking God why I was different. Had I done something wrong?

When I was in 3rd grade I finally came back to school, and was it hard. Throughout my entire school career I had to balance getting good grades, the proper exercise, and having the correct glucose levels. There were times my glucose levels would begin to drop during tests, and teachers and students thought I was faking it. Some teachers wouldn’t let me retake my tests, because I had done so poorly.

Kids also didn’t understand what being a Type 1 Diabetic was. They were jealous I got to eat snacks during class, and would become quite mean. When I was in high school I was constantly made fun of for eating as much as I had. I went through so many rebellious years of not wanting to take care of myself. I kept asking that same question I had as a child.

When I became a junior in High School it finally clicked. This disease was not a punishment; I received this disease because I can handle it. I can take care of it. Also, I can help other with my disease. At that moment in my life I decided to graduate a year early from High School, to pursue a degree in nursing so I can apply to medical school to become an Endocrinologist myself.

There aren’t enough diabetic doctors around here that can relate to the kids or the adults about what they’re going through. God granted me this disease, so that I may help others struggling with it. I am happy I am a Type 1 Diabetic. Now I am a sophomore in college shooting for my dreams to help other children that have went through what I did. 

Thank you, LaKaylee! It’s very brave to share your story with the world. It will help shine a light on T1D, and perhaps you’ll give another Diabetic out there some hope to get through the struggles. Your passion to help others is an inspiration! Good luck on your journey!

Are you a Type 1 Diabetic? Do you have Diabetic children? Would you like to share your story? Email me at

May you all be blessed with health, love, and laughter!

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