The Clock Keeps Ticking

August is coming to a close. The clock keeps ticking.

September 7th will be here before we know it!

Have you registered yourself or your team yet? It’s the easiest way to be part of the fundraising. Be sure to spread the word to friends and family. Let everyone know at work.

Kaylee, the Team Captain of the Darting Diabeaters, has drummed up astounding support from the local GE factory! I’m excited to see what the final numbers will be from Kaylee’s amazing efforts!

You still have time to be part of the fundraising competition. There is a surprise awaiting the top fundraisers!

Now the news:

  • ShirtsT Shirts are available! You can get your shirts in sizes Small – XL. We will take special orders for other sizes when the need arises. Would you like a shirt before the event? You just can’t wait? NO PROBLEM! Email me at to arrange payment and delivery or pickup.
  • Wristbands are still plentiful and available! The wristbands are only $5 each, and you can purchase them now or at the event. That’s up to you. Email to get yours today!
  • Register For The Event! You can register as an individual or a Team! I really suggest getting a team together for some additional fun. You get your own fundraising page and tools as a registered participant. You’ll be able to customize messages to get friends, family, and coworkers to donate to the cause. What are you waiting for? Go register! Oh …the top fundraisers have a surprise waiting on them!
  • We Need Sponsors! Sponsorships are available to local businesses. Sponsorships can also be arranged for individuals who wish to help out even more. Sponsorship details can be found on the Sponsorship Opportunities page. It really helps make all of this possible!
  • Support Our Sponsors! Please visit the Meet Our Sponsors Page. These are the businesses and people who help make this event possible. I urge you to become their customers and friends. They’re a big help in our cause!

More Fun With Photos!

SA WristbandsWe have another great wristband appearance courtesy of Tashia efforts to spread the word far and wide! This one is in San Antonio, Texas. At least one of those hands is dealing with Type 1 Diabetes in their own life. We wish you good health!

That’s A Wrap!

Thank you all for the love and support! I can’t express my gratitude enough.

Type 1 Diabetes touches lives around the world. You may not know someone struggling with the disease, but you know someone who knows someone. I promise you.

Nobody should have to lose sleep wondering if the last dinner they gave their children or adult loved ones will wreak havoc on their blood sugar. Nobody should have to worry that the next sugar drop will be the last seizure before their life end’s too soon.

We can make a difference. We can fight back. It takes funding and education. Join us!



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