Sponsorship Opportunities!

ThinkSponsorshipThere’s no secret that events are expensive!

It’s hard to do this all alone. That’s where you and your business come in. Sponsorships help make the Skate For Diabetes roll without worrying about money.

Sponsors will be rewarded for their support!

Here’s what Sponsorship has in store for the generous business owners out there:

  • Your logo and information will be honored in the sponsor areas of the site.
  • Your own site can be linked to your logo and information along with special offers or other appropriate ideas you have in mind.
  • Your business will be part of promotions in social media as well as other promotional materials where appropriate.
  • All Skate For Diabetes participants will be encouraged to support our sponsors.

I will continue promoting your business with Skate For Diabetes, and praising you for support until May 1st of 2014. At that point Sponsors will be offered renewal opportunities as we prepare for the event again.

You get all of this, and anything else I decide to toss in as support for your business, for only $60!

Become part of something awesome! Help make the Skate For Diabetes better! Become a Sponsor!

You can go to the Sponsors Welcome Page to begin, or you can go straight to PayPal to become a Sponsor today!

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