Post Overdue: The Results And My Love For You All

Skate Train 1Look at the Calendar. Has it really been so long since we got together for our game changing event?

Allow me to apologize for the delayed post on our results. The numbers were shared immediately following the final count on our Facebook Group. (Make sure you Like us on Facebook!) Posting here fell through the cracks. I’ve learned one very real lesson through this process. I need more help!

The Results of Our First Skate For Diabetes

Jam Show 1This was the first event. I didn’t know what to expect. I even told the Skating Rink owner that I would be ecstatic is 50 people came through the door. Our final count of people attending the event was 141 total! That was a roaring success right out of the gate!

Our top fundraising team was the Darting Diabeaters. The Captain Kaylee Redfern and Co-Captain Heather Barr led their team in hounding family, friends, and coworkers for help in our mission. Captain Kaylee Redfern even persuaded the local G.E. factory to get in on the fundraising action. Thank you Darting Diabeaters for all that you’ve accomplished!

The combined total from T Shirt and wristband sales, online and offline donations, and money raised at the event was over $3,000 raised for the JDRF! We kicked ass!

My Love For All of You

Raffle SkateThis event wouldn’t happen without the support of people who actually care. There’s not enough words or ways to express how much I love all of you who donated, educated others, and skated with us. You all amaze me! Thank you!

Please support our sponsors. The event would be much harder to arrange and pull off without the support of caring businesses.

Go have a look at the photo album on our Facebook Group!

Looking Forward From Here

This was just the first event. We started something together that changes the way we can raise funds for Type 1 Diabetes research. The JDRF has been campaigning saying it’s time to turn Type 1 into Type None. I agree.

I will need more help for out next event. Would you like to volunteer to be part of our Team? Send me an email to to let me know you want to help. It will be time to go bigger and better soon!

Until we meet again!



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