Mattoon Event Is A Success Again!

IMG_1314It looked like the weather and local events were conspiring against us. Both Mattoon and Charleston had to make up high school football games. The beer tent was pulling people north to the broom corn festival in Arcola. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

How about 110 people and over $3,300 raised for the JDRF! That’s a success in my book!

We benefited again from the hard work of teams and registered members doing fundraising before the event. That’s one of the easiest ways to make these events better. The JDRF provides us with a quick and easy method of doing online fundraising. Always be sure to take advantage of those tools.

This year’s rock star was Kaylee Redfern. Again! She convinced the local G.E. factory where she works to do some fundraising. This year they got the supervisors to sit down while employees made donations to throw a bucket of water in their face. That sounds fun! It is the extra effort that makes these events succeed. Thank you, Kaylee!

Heather Barr, one of Kaylee’s team members, met up with a local do good group of guys calling themselves the He-Man Woman Haters Club. Don’t let the name fool you. They’re a great bunch of guys. Members came together and donated over $600 to the event.

Nick Meyer, lovingly known as Twinky, donated a resounding $500! He went one step further and asked his employer to match his donation. That became a $1,000 donation in total! That’s another avenue of fundraising often neglected. Many employers will match at least a portion of your donation. Be sure to ask next time!

We had a great little crew of volunteers. Thank you especially to Tiffany Schrock, Andrea Reed, Heather Barr, and Jessica Foote’. This all goes smoothly because of your help.

Daphney and DereckWe introduced everyone to a Diabetic Alert Dog courtesy of Daphney and Dereck Bly. Dereck became a Type 1 Diabetic as an adult while on tour in Afghanistan. His story is very important in helping spread awareness of the various ways Type 1 Diabetes strikes. It’s not just something that happens to kids.  You can find out more about their family and story on Daphney’s very candid blog Balancing The Bly’s.

We must give a great big shout out of love and support to our sponsor Skate Out Loud! I get my gear from Skate Out Loud, and you should too. Customer Service is second to none. They never hesitate to help us in any way with our cause. I wish nothing but long success for their company! Please shop with them for all your skating needs. You can find them on Amazon as well.

I also want to give a shout out of love and support to Susan Gano Cole. She is a professional photographer that donated her services to our event this year! You can see the photo album on our Facebook Page, and visit her site as well!

We also need to recognize Silver Star Skate Center! We really couldn’t do it without you! Thank you for being a gracious host and taking a chance on us!

Finally, I have nothing but massive love and respect to all of you! Thank you for just showing up. Thank you for even the smallest donation. Thank you for spreading the word, hanging flyers, and telling friends. Thank you for caring.

IMG_1924aThis movement exists as a fun way to accomplish 2 goals: spread awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and raise money for the JDRF. We will keep moving forward with that mission until Type 1 Diabetes is cured.

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